Sunday, May 2, 2010

have a feisty day

i'm sorry for not updating in a while. i've been busy with school (i'm graduating!!) and am in transition from a house with 8 people living in it, to a cute little apartment, which i'm very excited about because i'll be taking many pictures of the progression and tips you can try to improve your home! plus i'm just excited to see how cute everything turns out! anyways, retrofix magazine will be postponed until further notice (basically, i will need to wait a while more so i can get more people to subscribe), but check out this amazing singer, feist, while you wait.. and stay tuned for more amazing retro and eclectic finds!


Vanessa said...

where are you moving / when are you graduating? i'm finished with school on tuesday and graduate on the 16th. i'll likely be living in corona for a while until i can find a job. i had a phone interview for job in SF last week and should be hearing about their decision sometime this week....but anyways, we should hang out when you are not so busy with school and such. :)

retro fix liss said...

wow good luck i hope you get the job but ill be sad if you move away.. although SF is not too far! im graduating this quarter and ill be living in riverside for a year or two finishing up some classes for speech therapy then.. who knows? maybe i'll move to another country or something :D

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